Album: REACH (2012)

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Song: When the light turns on

Bitrate: 320kbps

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All the Shelters is a five pieces metalcore/post-hardcore band from France.

Created in 2009, the currently line-up is composed since 2010 by Raphael & Richard (guitars), Julien (vocals), Quentin (drums) and Francois (bass). After many shows in western europe: France, Germany and Belgium, they wrote a lot of songs during 6 month in their garage, to produce their new effort.

The recording was producted by Simon Muller - FH Studio (Fr), and was mastered by Chris Edrich (X-vision).
The first 6 tracks EP "Reach" is now available on bigcartel and the band is performing on 10 dates through France.

In order to play a Spicy and manifold metalcore. ATS has one and only goal : Set as many stages on fire as possible, meet lots and lots of people, and bring their music to you. :)

We are just come back from our first tour in Russia & Ukraine!